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Simulation Cricket Authority: Player Profile: krb107's inability at ODI levelPlayer Profile: krb107's inability at ODI level - August 31, 2007: 06:50:11
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krb107 has been's preferred wicket keeper since their first ODI in early 2006.

Often, krb107 and StorbinC have been in direct competition for the spot as team keeper. At times, the batting stocks have been so low that the two have even been in the same time.

When StorbinC has been in the team as keeper, krb107 has had stints as opener (9 runs) and at number three (0 runs), without making any impact.

Despite this, krb107 has won out 25 times, while StorbinC has won out just 5 times. They have played twice together. StorbinC's biggest opportunity came in the Bye Week Series of 2006, when he played in all 3 ODI's, but the batting was so good that he had no opportunities to bat.

krb107 has been a decent performer at domestic level, averaging 28.50 in First Class matches and 37.00 in one day matches. It is a whole different story in ODI's though, where krb107 averages just 14.94 from 22 innings, with a highest score of 38.

In the 2007 World Cup, krb107 made just 27 runs at 6.75, an average boosted by 2 not outs.

Despite the poor performances, there is almost always a place in the team krb107. With the only other two wicket keepers at being StorbinC and the inactive KrazyKid (who averaged 44.00 in First Class cricket before disappearing) it is possible krb107 will continue to be the teams first choice wicket keeper.
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