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Simulation Cricket Authority: SCA Members had a short stay in the simulation cricket arena, but they will go down in history for having taken part in the first ever First Class match (vs New Cricketmxian's) and the first ever Test match (vs were captained by Imagine_If, an administrator on the Ballad Network for each of the 3 Test matches they participated in, however, he changed his name to thewizeard as the series progressed.

In the tour matches, they drew the 3 day match, and won the Twenty20. They carried their good form into the 1st Test, which they won convincingly. The final 2 Test matches were won by

Internal disputes at saw the resignation of their captain, and the eventual withdrawl from simulation cricket, by their acting captian, -Huize-.
Ballad Blues: "I dont think we will play anymore" - SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News)

Originally posted - June 14, 2006: 07:09:37
SCAN (Simulation Cricket Authority News) finally close the book on their short, yet exciting, stint in international simulation cricket.

The SCA has tried to contact -Huize-, a mover and shaker in the Ballad network, on numerous occasions, but only today has contact been made succesfully.

"About the cricket", -Huize- said, "I don't think we will play anymore".

Confronted with this decision, which seemed inevitible since star batsman, bowler, captain, trainer and all-round nice guy, thewizeard (aka. Imagine_If) left the team, the SCA told -Huize- that "at least they will go down in history as having once beaten superpowers,".

In typical -Huize- fashion, his comedic reply was "They came, they kicked our arses, they left!".

Towards the end of the short conversation, -Huize- conceded that there was simply no time for simulation cricket with the current situation at

"Well, he (thewizeard) was the only one that knew the game and actually had time for it", -Huize- said.

Chances of ever returning to the simulation cricket scene are slim. were only scheduled for 1 series in the next 4 months, against a future Mensa site. As a result of's withdrawl, this series will of course will be cancelled. are the first team to officially withdraw from simulation cricket.
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