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Simulation Cricket Authority: SCA Domestic Competition - Information's first domestic competition took place in January 2004. Four First Class matches were played between the CricketMX XI and the CricketMX Invitational XI. Since then, these matches have been stripped of their First Class status, and were simply made into Tour Matches. officials hope to have First Class and Limited Overs tournaments set up within the next 3 months. Already, teams have been arranged, and it is believed that a First Class competition would go under the name of the "OT Forum Cup". Domestic Competition - Teams

Currently, there are no domestic teams playing cricket.

However, administrators hope that in the near future, domestic leagues will be put in place to make way for three proposed teams:

Old Cricketmxian's
Veteran members will play for the Old Cricketmxian\'s. The majority of Old Cricketmxian\'s will remember the days of, and possibly even the Winmxcommunity.

Traditional Cricketmxian's
The members who have been around for quite a long time, but were not there at the beginning. Traditional Cricketmxian\'s will have a strong lineup, and it is expected that the Old Cricketmxian\'s and the Traditional Cricketmxian\'s will become rivals from day one, as these teams have the strongest attacks.

New Cricketmxian's
Having the most inexperienced lineup, it will be hard to jump right into the swing of things. New Cricketmxian\'s also have the least number of international players, with only 1 regular ODI team member, and 2 squad members who are finding it hard to break into such a strong team.

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