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A bunch of people who would much prefer to be at the footy or a real game of cricket, is always willing to give it a crack. Not having the most flattering figures, they always have some highlights, even if they come at the 'pub' afterwards. is a fan site for the St Kilda AFL team, with over 1800 members, and have a choice of over 22 willing lab rats to play for them.

saint_mite, mite, the captain, is a strong leader, and ultimately see's herself at the best female cricketer ever. She once made a century, and takes a few wickets now and then, makes some pretty shoddy selections, but everyone loves her regardless. has 2 vice captains; HSVKing, who stepped aside because of time allowances, and n1ck, who is the teams token token.

With so many players fighting for spots, a rotating policy is in place - if you play sh*t, your out.

The drinks man position is always a treasured one, with golden brown the rehydrator of choice. Although a lot goes missing during the game, it is thought to be other team members, not disgruntled fans. The captain never joins in on this though... because she is underage, not because of legal reasons.

View information about's domestic structure here.
First Class league to begin in late April - battye's new captain, saint_mite, has announced the introduction of an all new domestic structure.

Currently is only the second website to have held domestic matches, after a Twenty20 between the sites top players in January. The other website is; they played 4 tour matches, also in January. will have two teams, "The Harvey Army" and "Frawley's Force". Both will have offcial first class status from the Simulation Cricket Authority.

Already, an official fixture has been released. The programme is as follows:

Domestic First Class Match: March 25 - March 27 (3 Day Match)
Domestic First Class Match: May 2 - May 4 (3 Day Match)
Domestic First Class Match: May 9 - May 11 (3 Day Match)
Domestic One Day Match: May 10 (Limited Overs Match)

The First Class tournament will be a 'best of three'. There will be a one off limited overs match.

A name for the tournament has not yet been decided.
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