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Simulation Cricket Authority: SCA World Cup 2007 FixturesFixtures for the SCA World Cup 2007

Click a name to view the fixtures for that particular team:
Banglacricket.com, CricketMX.com, Fishlipps.no-ip.org, MensaP2P.com, Saintsational.com, Sitepoint.com, Webhostingtalk.com, Zcultfm.com

Practice Matches

Saintsational.com vs Sitepoint.com
Jan 11, 13 (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)

Banglacricket.com vs CricketMX.com
Jan 11, 13 (Kallang Cricket Ground, Singapore)

MensaP2P.com vs Webhostingtalk.com
Jan 11, 13 (WACA, Perth)

Fishlipps.no-ip.org vs Zcultfm.com
Jan 11, 13 (The Padang, Singapore)

Preliminary Stage
A reserve day is in place for each match.

Group A

Game 1: Zcultfm.com vs Webhostingtalk.com
January 15 (Kallang Cricket Ground, Singapore)

Game 3: CricketMX.com vs Saintsational.com
January 17 (Kallang Cricket Ground, Singapore)

Game 5: Webhostingtalk.com vs CricketMX.com
January 19 (The Padang, Singapore)

Game 7: Zcultfm.com vs Saintsational.com
January 21 (The Padang, Singapore)

Game 9: Webhostingtalk.com vs Saintsational.com
January 23 (The Padang, Singapore)

Game 11: Zcultfm.com vs CricketMX.com
January 25 (Kallang Cricket Ground, Singapore)

Group B

Game 2: MensaP2P.com vs Banglacricket.com
January 15 (WACA, Perth)

Game 4: Banglacricket.com vs Sitepoint.com
January 17 (WACA, Perth)

Game 6: Fishlipps.no-ip.org vs MensaP2P.com
January 19 (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)

Game 8: Fishlipps.no-ip.org vs Sitepoint.com
January 21 (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)

Game 10: MensaP2P.com vs Sitepoint.com
January 23 (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)

Game 12: Fishlipps.no-ip.org vs Banglacricket.com
January 25 (WACA, Perth)

Semi Finals
A reserve day is in place for both matches.

GROUP A Qualifyer 1 vs GROUP B Qualifyer 2
February 2 (The Padang, Singapore)

GROUP B Qualifyer 1 vs GROUP A Qualifyer 2
February 4 (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)


SEMI FINAL Qualifyer 1 vs SEMI FINAL Qualifyer 2
February 10 (WACA, Perth)

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