Simulation Cricket Authority: SCA World Cup 2007 Quotes
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Below are some quotes regarding the SCA World Cup by some of its leading players and followers.

Mike...there is also going to be a world cup ?


Heman maximus, batsman.

I can't wait for the World cup. With the new features that have been brought in to Simulation Cricket ready for the start of the World cup it's going to feel more real than ever before!

Equentity - Jamie, captain.

See last game the people who got hammered always win.. I think its fixed lol

But yonni will never play again, he's bad luck lol

Serj, captain, on the future of Yonni

I'm still finding my way as captain, having come out of the Domestic Season without a win. I'm happy to put on my "Baggy Pink" for the World Cup and give it another go!!

moongirl, batsman, on being the future captain

our aim is to try and win..... ... well hopefully one game, but we aren't getting hopeful for it... I hope

saint_mite, captain was soundly trounced in their final match against Lol it was bloody!!
And it was also great fun.
We would like to extend congratulations to them and thank them and and for the great games. BUT.... we also wish to say....

pokesthelippyfish, captain, getting behind with her team failing to reach the semi-finals

Bring on the final!

Mike Empuria, captain, speaking after his 1 wicket semi-final victory over

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